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"Surely, those who believe, and the Jews and the Christians and the Sabians, whoever have faith with true hearts in Allah and in the Last-day and do good deeds, their reward is with their Lord, and there shall be no fear for them nor any grief."

— Qur'an 2:62

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Jovan Divjak and Dragan Vikić: Two Bosnian Heroes

Stephen Schwartz  •  December 18, 2018  •  OpEdNews

The Balkan wars of 1991-99 changed my life. Writers before me, like George Orwell, found their lives and careers transformed permanently by the Spanish revolution and civil war of 1931-39, 60 years before.

Bosnia-Hercegovina was my Spain.

There I met hundreds of extraordinary individuals and communities. Their faces were typically without guile. They were Muslim Bosnians, Christians, Jews, Roma, Albanians. Journalists, local government officials, religious leaders, schoolteachers, railroad workers, cooks, taxi drivers. Soldiers, both male and female. Rape victims who did not act like victims. Partisans.

Unlike Orwell I went back repeatedly, immersing myself in the local culture, food, music, literature, and the beautiful languages spoken all around me.

These are subjective judgments, but they are my truth.

Of all the individuals I met in Bosnia two stand out for their moral example: Jovan Divjak and Dragan Vikić.

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Extraditing Gulen Would Betray American Values

John Rossomando  •  December 3, 2018  •  IPT News

[The Center for Islamic Pluralism and Second Bektashi Sufi Mission to America endorse this commentary. Muslims! Organize a defense guard at the residence of Fethullah Gulen to block any action against his noble person!]

Extraditing dissident Islamist cleric Fethullah Gulen to Turkey would be a betrayal of American values and should be permanently off the table. President Trump says that handing over Gulen to Turkey is not under consideration "at this point." That's not good enough.

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The New York Times Rediscovers the Bosnian Genocide

Stephen Schwartz  •  November 26, 2018  •  OpEdNews

[On this occasion we offer a personal perspective by our Ashk, a colleague of the martyred Brother Jamal Khashoggi. Our Ashk is under constant personal attack. Please post far and wide. -- Zana]

THE NEW YORK TIMES, our American journal of record, has some curious habits. This I know from my experience as a contributor, a book reviewee, and a former official of The Newspaper Guild, the union representing NYT employees.

The TIMES hates to get little things wrong, and resists corrections. It is not so irritable about getting big things wrong. It just ignores them as long as possible.

The TIMES is, however, a skinback factory. On stories it got wrong, sometimes with murderous results, it produces later, followup copy. It's a form of diversion, reminiscent of Orwell's 1984 fantasy of history constantly rewritten.

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Brother Jamal is Not Dead!

Center for Islamic Pluralism and Second Bektashi Sufi Mission to America  •  November 22, 2018  •  CIP YouTube

Selam aleykum warahmetallahuh wabarakatuh

The Centre for Islamic Pluralism and the Second Bektashi Sufi Mission to America have produced an updated commentary on the death of Brother Jamal Khashoggi, shahid ul-islam: Brother Jamal is Not Dead!


ICTY-The Hague: A Lesson in Modern History

Stephen Schwartz  •  November 18, 2018  •  OpEdNews

The European Union (EU) and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) are weakened; German leader Angela Merkel is caught between American bullying and direct Russian threats, and French statesman Emmanuel Macron marches with Canadian standard-bearer Justin Trudeau as her allies in defending the essential values of the West.

Merkel is the Willi Brandt of this moment, with Macron and Trudeau reminiscent of John F. Kennedy in representing a youthful alternative to the political senescence, then, of De Gaulle, Macmillan, Khrushchev, and Mao. Nasser and Ben Bella, similarly, generated a new hope in the future; Castro, however, was a false prophet. (Millennials can spend a useful quarter-hour researching most of these names.)

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Greece and the Srebrenica Massacre

Stephen Schwartz  •  October 22, 2018  •  OpEdNews

Joseph Stalin is said to have remarked, "The death of one man is a tragedy, the death of millions is a statistic."

I am reminded of this when pondering the death of Jamal Khashoggi, martyr for liberty. The Saudi authorities have now admitted that Khashoggi died in their consulate in Istanbul, on October 2, 2018.

I am 70. In my childhood I saw a world that had undergone unspeakable atrocities in years close to my own: the Holocaust of the Jews, the Russian purges, the bombing of Guernica, the rape of Nanjing.

We believed we lived in a newer and better world.

We were, of course, wrong. As a teenager I learned of the cruelties imposed on Blacks in the American South and their allies, white liberals, lynched and mutilated.

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Jamal Khashoggi

Luciana Zana Trëndafilazezë and Ashk Sylejman [Stephen Schwartz]  •  October 18, 2018  •  CIP

Allah Allah ejvallah

Muhametin rasulallah

Alije veliullah!

The Center for Islamic Pluralism and the Second Bektashi Sufi Mission to America have released a YouTube video on the death of our brother Jamal Khashoggi:

We reject any and every argument that Brother Jamal was an "Islamist" and that his terrible murder was justified.

At this moment all the collaborators with CIP are at risk personally, except our very many supporters in the Balkans, Kurdistan, and India.

In the Balkans, we protect ourselves.

In Kurdistan, our comrades fight.

In India, there are too many of us to kill.

At this moment we are all "Islamists."

And Allah knows best.



In the name of GOD, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

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Who Kills Journalists?

Stephen Schwartz  •  October 13, 2018  •  OpEdNews

The apparent murder in Istanbul of the Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi raises an old question: who kills journalists?

According to the Committee to Protect Journalists, media workers are most at risk at the hands of dictatorships. This may be, to those who spare time to think about it, predictable. Media are enemies of the political lies that underpin every tyrannical regime known to modern times.

A notable example of the targeting of journalists is still remembered in the Balkans: the NATO bombing of Radio Television Serbia (RTS), in Belgrade, on the night of April 23, 1999. That military action left 16 members of the RTS staff dead.

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PUBLICATION NOTICE: The Bektashi-Alevi Spectrum from the Balkans to Iran
Sufi Minorities and Politics

Stephen Suleyman Schwartz  •  October 5, 2018  •  CIP

This important contribution by the founder of the Center for Islamic Pluralism and the Second Bektashi Sufi Mission to America has been published by Routledge, the leading academic house. It is included in the volume Minority Religions in Europe and the Middle East: Mapping and Monitoring, Edited by George D. Chryssides. ISBN 978-1472463609, US$135.09 hardbound, available on Kindle. This is a basic teaching text for the Second Bektashi Sufi Mission to America.

Presented to the Inform Anniversary Conference, 'Minority Religions: Contemplating The Past And Anticipating The Future', at the London School of Economics, 1 February 2014.

This brief presentation, based on original field research, will describe the situation of the Albanian Bektashi Sufi order, the Turkish and Kurdish Alevi-Bektaşi movement, and the Iranian-Kurdish Ahl-e Haqq phenomenon.

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The Unholy Alliance: Orthodox Christian Imperialism

Stephen Schwartz  •  October 2, 2018  •  OpEdNews

The turmoil over Russian interference in the U.S. election of 2016, and conspirative cooperation (i.e. collusion) between the Moscow intelligence establishment and the campaign of Donald J. Trump for the presidency, has a backstory with ramifications throughout Southeastern Europe.

Paul Manafort has been unmasked as an active asset of the Kremlin's borderless outreach, in his sleazy advocacy for the Russian enemies of Ukrainian independence. But Ukraine looms yet larger in the history of the Putin plot against America.

The ferocious hatred of "Blue Putin" (Goluboy, the color of half the Ukrainian flag and of the warm-water resources Russia craves), for Hillary Rodham Clinton, reflects the Russian martial arts instructor's rage at U.S. leaders who denounced the Russian seizure of Crimea.

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Remembering Kosovo in 1999

Stephen Schwartz  •  September 26, 2018  •  OpEdNews

In mid-1999, I retired after 10 years' work as a staff writer and general assignment reporter at the San Francisco Chronicle, and moved to Sarajevo. The newspaper had changed ownership and was taken over by the Hearst Corporation. From its foundation in 1865 until then, the Chronicle was an alternative to the Hearst empire. Now under the authority of a longtime competitor, its pool of talent was doomed. I was the first to retire; dozens more were to be forced out.

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Fear and loathing in Kyrgyzstan
How the LGBTQI community is fighting back against rising discrimination

Juliet Jacques  •  September 20, 2018  •  openDemocracy

This commentary is endorsed by the Center for Islamic Pluralism and the Second Bektashi Sufi Mission to America.


Please also see

Labrys organisation poster – "Together we are a Trans* force". Photo courtesy of the author. All rights reserved.

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Steve Bannon and Bosnia
Welcome to Ex-Yugoslavia

Stephen Schwartz  •  September 15, 2018  •  OpEdNews

Stephen K. Bannon, the sorcerer who made Donald J. Trump his apprentice in neofascism, has turned his gaze to the tormented Balkans.

The "armed Bohemian" (Trotsky's description of the Nazi elite), with his weird outfits and mannerisms, has crafted an alliance with Serbian extremists in furtherance of the fascist agenda for Europe.

Grotesque war criminal Vojislav Šešelj led pro-Trump marches in Serbia, and now Bannon, with Trump spouters Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Corey Lewandowski and Kellyanne Conway, hangs out with Željka Cvijanović, "prime minister" of the so-called "Republika Srpska," a mafia entity comprising the half of Bosnia-Hercegovina seized by Serbia in events echoed a decade later in Ukraine.

The Serbian nationalist Alliance of Independent Social Democrats has agreed to pay $10,000 a month for three months to an enterprise established by former Trump campaign workers Jason Osborne and Mike Rubino.

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Bosnian Jews -- Serbia's Forgotten Victims

Stephen Schwartz  •  September 5, 2018  •  OpEdNews

On August 4, 1992, I wrote in the San Francisco Chronicle, under the headline, "Serbs Accused of Arrest, Deportation of Jews." I reported then, "Jewish authorities in embattled Bosnia-Herzegovina warn that 'hundreds' of members of their small and historic communities number among the victims of the 'ethnic cleansing' campaign by Serbian forces in the republic, although the plight of deported Slavic Muslims and Croatians has received wider publicity.

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URGENT! Excluded From Twitter, CIP Founder Exposes Radical Islamist Conspiracy
Tahirah Amatul-Wadud is running in the Commonwealth of MA Democratic Primary TODAY!

Luciana Zana Trëndafilazezë, Ashk Sylejman [Stephen Schwartz] and Moshe Holender  •  September 4, 2018  •  Twitter

Excluded from Twitter for antifascism, our founder, Ashk Sylejman [Stephen Schwartz], has denounced the radical Islamist interference in the American electoral process of Tahirah Amatul-Wadud, running in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Democratic Primary for U.S. Congress.Twitter policies enable Nazis and Islamofascists!To read the statement of our Ashk, please hit Twitter at the top of this post.On the path of Our Beloved Baba Faja.This statement is endorsed by the Second Bektashi Sufi Mission to America, supporting the Kosova Sufi Union.--Zana


'Hajj Hackathon' betrays Saudi confusion

Irfan Al-Alawi  •  August 31, 2018  •  Jenny Taylor Media

AN all-woman team has won the first Saudi 'hajj hackathon'.

But heavily veiled in black sheets to receive their prize money, they reinforced the glaring anomaly of a nation attempting to project a shiny tech face while simultaneously cowing the world with a backward version of the faith.

The 'hackathon' – a competition to devise an app to improve the experience of pilgrimage for the world's billion Muslims for whom it is a core religious duty – denotes confusion at the top level.

To the world at large, the inner life of Saudi Arabia and its monarchical rulers is mysterious.

Global media do not cover the affairs of the desert kingdom in detail, since access is as restricted as it is to Chinese-occupied Eastern Turkestan or Tibet.

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John McCain 1936-2108

Ashk Sylejman [Stephen Schwartz] and L Schwartz  •  August 26, 2018  •  CIP

Our founder, Ashk Sylejman, sponsored this video in memory of McCain.

Something to Talk About

Curated by L Schwartz.

We mourn.

On the path of Our Beloved Baba Faja.



review of Jewish Salonica: Between the Ottoman Empire and Modern Greece

Stephen Schwartz  •  Summer 2017  •  Middle East Quarterly

Naar, professor of Sephardic Jewish studies at the University of Washington with a family background in Salonica, has achieved something of signal importance with this volume. He has assembled a uniquely detailed profile of a leading Sephardic community under the Ottoman Empire and the succeeding Greek national state out of archives in Russia, Greece, Israel, the United States, and Spain.

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Execution of Mohammad Salas, Iranian Sufi Dervish

U.S. Department of State  •  June 18, 2018  •  Illyria [New York]

The Center for Islamic Pluralism and the Second Bektashi Sufi Mission to America appreciate the action of the U.S. authorities in this worthy protest.

Press Statement

Heather Nauert
Department Spokesperson

Washington, DC

June 18, 2018

We condemn the Iranian government's execution of Mohammad Salas, a member of the long-persecuted Iranian Gonabadi Sufi Dervish community. According to reports, Mr. Salas was hanged this morning at Rajai Shahr Prison, the notorious jail recently designated by the Department of Treasury in connection with serious human rights abuses against persons in Iran.

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Totalitarianism Isn't Reformable
The only viable policy on Iran is revolution, not reform.

Michael Ledeen  •  June 8, 2018  •  Frontpagemag

Michael Ledeen is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center.

The secretary of state insists that the United States does not support regime change in Iran, but rather a change in the behavior of the Iranian regime. Speaking on Voice of America's Radio Farda, our official Farsi-language channel to the Iranian people, Secretary Mike Pompeo said the United States supported Iranians, wherever they were, who were fighting for greater freedom, so long as they did not advocate an end to the Islamic regime itself.

Pompeo told (Radio Farda) that, while he supports many Iranian opposition groups in the United States and Europe, he does not back calls for regime change in Tehran.

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Salaat ul-janaza [Funeral service] of Sayyid Muhammad ibn Alawi Al Maliki, The Grand Mosque in Mecca, October 2004
Salaat ul-janaza [Funeral service] of Sayyid Muhammad ibn Alawi Al Maliki, The Grand Mosque in Mecca, October 2004

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